Suites, Rooms & Tents at Our Weekend Resort Near Pune

A total of 58 rooms comprising of 3 suites, 39 rooms of various types, 12 royal tents & 4 neem cottages are spread across the fort's three wings - making it an ideal weekend resort near Pune. The interiors are a mix of old world charm and contemporary luxuries making it an ideal holiday resort near Mumbai. Fort JadhavGADH welcomes you to experience a regal retreat at our luxurious suites, cottages and tented rooms in Pune at one of the best heritage resorts in Pune. 

The Maharaja Suite at our resort in Pune is a royal indulgence in the true sense. Be treated like royalty at this kingly suite. With a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, the Maharaja Suite was where the seat of power rested.

Located at the top of the fort and below the Maharaja suite, the Maharani suite has a direct access to the swimming pool and the spa. You will never forget your stay at this royal suite exclusively at our resort in Pune.

Located on top of the Aai museum and with its very own private entrance, the Museum Suite is one of the most sought-after rooms at our resort in Pune.

Situated on the top level of the main fort, the Hill View Daalan - a premium hill-view room has a balcony overlooking the lawns and providing a view of the vast open spaces.

Located on the lower level of the main fort, these spacious rooms have a uniquely designed bathroom that lets you gaze up at the stars and feel the cool hill breeze - all while taking a relaxing shower.

The Kholi or Deluxe rooms of the Fort JadhavGADH are equipped with all conveniences and luxuries of the modern world.

Our Chhavni tents are a great way to explore the fort. The adventure begins with your getting to the tents - navigate a 5-minute uphill walk through a hallway of stone flooring to get to the tents that are equipped with all modern comforts.

Four quaint Neem Forest Cottages are located amidst nests and chirping birds. These eco-friendly cottages are unique in nature. Completely air-conditioned and with all the modern amenities, our Neem Forest Cottages will certainly amaze you.