Events & Weddings in Pune - Fort JadhavGADH, Pune

An eventful fort as the backdrop of a prestigious ceremony or a corporate event - it does not get any more fascinating than this. Fort JadavGADH, Pune, changes the entire experience of an event with its marvellous 300-year-old fort. A stunning wonder of architecture, Fort JadavGADH is the only heritage fort near Pune and is the first choice of families who prefer to spend their wedding and make it an unforgettable wedding destination. Fort JadhavGADH is a prominent venue for photography featuring leading media houses, newspaper and online portals.

Quite a lot of actors have shown interests in conducting business at this beautiful fort. Corporate conglomerates to modern startups often conduct company excursions and events. With a team of experienced event managers, Fort JadavGADH manages to seamlessly conduct these events from the starting till it ends.

Royal Wedding at Fort Jadhavgadh Heritage Resort Hotel Pune
Royal Wedding at Fort Jadhavgadh Heritage Resort Hotel Pune

What can be a better setting to make your royal wedding memorable than at this glorious 300-year-old wedding resort in Pune. Fort Jadhavgadh presents one of the most stunning wedding venues in Pune.

Who said business meetings cannot be lavish? At Fort Jadhavgadh, make your corporate meetings and offsite events a royal affair that your deserving team will always remember.

A venue for taking stunning pictures, Fort JadavGadh is often the first choice of a number of photographers and models for conducting a glamorous photoshoot.